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Morgan's Home Birth Story

This was my third pregnancy, but my first home birth and first time not being induced. So going into spontaneous labor was a new thing for me and wasn't sure how things would progress.

It was Thursday night, I was getting ready for bed when I started having pretty uncomfortable cramps. I didn't think much of it and I went to bed. About a hour later I woke up, went to the bathroom and behold I had bloody show! I was thinking to myself "There is no way I'm in labor. My due date is tomorrow and due date babies rarely happen." I start timing my contractions. They're averaging five minutes apart. I debate on calling Alex but end up doing so to keep her updated. We decided that I should try to sleep and I would call her again when I want her to head over.

My contractions slowed durning the night. And I tried my hardest to sleep. But how could I? Even though my contractions slowed, they slowly become more intense and I was just too excited to meet my baby.

6am rolls around (i think) and I call Alex to come over. My mom was already here ready to take care of my older two. My husband was setting up the birth pool. I had no sense of time after I got ready for the day. I started using my combs for pain management and rolling on my birth ball. I could not wait to get in the pool. Once I did it was like night and day with pain. I couldn't tell you how long I was in the pool with a fan on me. Plus to my surprise I loved being squeezed when a contraction would happen. Around 3pm everyone thought it was baby time. Alex and Gretchen started getting everything ready for baby to make their entrance. But things just got so much harder and I became so tired. I kept telling myself I can do anything for a minute and that worked until I started getting two contractions in a row. So one minute turned into two.

Alex suggested I sit on the toilet to help things progress and to make sure I was still able to pee (I could not). She also determined that baby was in an Anterior position and some intervention would help move things along. I kept saying I just need a break and was wishing for some kind of relief. Alex and Leon kept reassuring me that both me and baby were doing great and safe. We moved to the bed where Alex placed a catheter to empty my bladder. Then I got on my hands and knees where she then manually turned the baby. Literally the worst part of the whole labor. I did feel some relief and could tell baby was in a better position. Gretchen used her doula magic and laid me in different positions and I was finally able to sleep. At some point they asked me if I wanted to get back in the pool. Because they knew that was where I was most comfortable. All I remember is telling them no. I literally had no energy to move.

It was calm and I started to feel a little pushy and then my body just took control. Things happened so fast. I yelled the baby Is coming! Alex jumped up to me, Gretchen and My friend Lexi sprung off the couch. With just enough time for everyone to get to me. After 2 sets of contractions Cooper made his debut. Leon caught a glimpse that he was a boy and all seemed right in the world. It was pure bliss after a very long 21 hour labor. And I got myself a due date baby.

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