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Sharon's Story

Every birth story is unique. Every story is beautiful, and every story involves a precious little bundle that only God breathes life into. each is honorable, no matter the circumstances or outcome. I'd like to share with you the story of my second child's birth.

The following day was our anniversary, and we were planning to go camping! Not too far away, just an hour, for just one night, I still had about 2 1/2 weeks until my due date, and I wasn't concerned. Little did I know those plans were about to change! Overnight I woke with some light cramps/contractions and I immediately assumed Braxton Hicks. I woke up a few other times that night and each time wondered why these little discomforts hadn't gone away yet! Braxton's usually didn't last this long for me. Still I was able to sleep and I felt very thankful for that! Around 6:00a.m. the contractions were strong enough that I couldn't sleep anymore. My husband woke up and I told him how I felt; just maybe... this is it? No, he didn't think so! Then he watched me go through a contraction and his opinions quickly changed. I think we are going to be having a baby today! We were pretty sure, but then again maybe this is what they call false labor?! I text Alex and as I text I become more sure... and she confirmed it! Contractions were 5min apart lasting almost a minute. We tried to carry on with the morning normally and have some breakfast, although it amazed me how I could hardly swallow a bite! I hadn't managed to eat much before I decided I just couldn't. My husband supported me through contractions as they continued to get stronger. Our 20 month old little boy still lay sleeping and we decided it was a good time to call his grandparents to come pick him up. About an hour and a half after we confirmed our suspicions with Alex (we live an hour away), she arrived! It was 9:35a.m. contractions were definitely intensifying, and Alex got to work setting up the birth pool. Wow, it takes a lot longer to fill up the pool than I expected! Contractions increased with severity, and although the pool had hardly enough water in it yet, I decided that if people said it was helpful I was getting in that water now! My goal was to get into the pool right after I had a contraction and quickly find a bearable position before the next one. After the contraction I moved to the pool and as I was stepping over the edge my water broke! I was so happy I was progressing and the baby would be bearing down soon... closer to the end! I quickly got into a bearable position just as the next strong contraction came. Alex had left the room, and now I had this strong feeling that it was time. "The baby's coming!" I called as I pushed the first time which brought the baby into the birth canal. And again, "Aleeex!" Accompanying the second push. Just then she burst into the room to see the head out and me pushing the third and final time. At 10:30am. the baby was born and Alex picked him up out of the water. I was still anxious and in a daze at how fast this final part of the birth went, and Alex exclaimed, "You have a baby!" Those were some of the most welcome words! To me they meant the baby was safe and everything was OK! The birth assistant didn't even arrive in time, but at that moment, little things like that didn't matter... Our precious miracle had arrived safely, and we were filled with joy!

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