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Katie's Story

My husband and I had been wanting a home birth for awhile and we were finally able to have that chance with our 5th child in October of 2022. After experiencing four hospital births (one being a loss, all inductions) we knew that we were looking for a different experience. We prayed for a comfortable, safe, healthy, and peaceful delivery in our home! And that is just what we got. During my pregnancy, Alex helped make sure I was keeping my body and my mind in a healthy place. I also loved knowing that the person who helped deliver our child would know us very personally as well. Leading up to my due date, I was so excited to finally experience what natural labor felt like. Towards the end of week 41, I was a little worried however that this pregnancy would also end in induction if I went past the recommended time frame. Alex assured me that the baby would come on his own time (and likely when we needed him too) and she dreamed the dream of that homebirth alongside me. Weeks 40 and 41 were filled with some contractions here and there, but nothing that lasted. At 41+5, I woke up at 1:40am to a very strong contraction and felt differently. I went to the bathroom and was hoping that this was it. I was starting to have a bloody show and just knew I was in labor. My husband usually goes to work at 4 am so I wanted to let him sleep longer before waking him. My contractions were sporadic, coming about 5-10 minutes apart but definitely strong. I tried to walk around and get laundry done but the more I moved, the stronger the contractions got and eventually I decided to just sit. I called Alex around this time as well to let her know what was happening and we agreed that we would wait about an hour just to see where I was at. I woke my husband and told him he was staying home from work that day! Around 5 am, I got in the shower with contractions moving to about every 4 minutes. Kyle called Alex and asked her to head over while I labored in the water. During this time, Kyle had been setting up the birthing pool in our living room and getting it filled for me. Around 6-6:30, we called my mother in law to have her come get our children and as soon as they were leaving, Alex arrived. My contractions were about 2 -3 minutes apart and it didn't take long from that point for me to go through transition. We had prepared enough to know that feeling like I wanted to leave and go to the hospital meant that I was so close to having my baby. From epidurals in the hospital to a med-free delivery gave me the opportunity to feel how far along I was in the process - I felt my water breaking, I felt his head descending, and I even remember feeling his body turning like Alex told me he would do as he made his way out. Finally, I stood up over the edge of the birth pool and at 7:43am, Rowan Daniel made his way into the world weighing 10lb 10oz! The immediate care afterwards was pure bliss. Checking on me, checking the baby. All in our own time and in our own home! I will always remember that beautiful day and I cannot wait to do it again one day. It was peaceful, miraculous, and everything I ever wanted.

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