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Birth Story for Friends

We found out we were pregnant a week before our first son Wesley's first birthday! We took a test the morning of June 11th, 2023, and we were so excited! We told our family and friends later that week at Wesley's first birthday party with a shirt that we ordered that said "I'm gonna be a Big brother"! The morning sickness hit hard pretty early, and I stopped working at that point. My mom and mother-in-law we're both so helpful coming over pretty much every day to help watch Wesley so I could rest. I went back to work for a few months later after I started to feel better, but my very last day of work was January 12th. Little did I know that I wouldn't actually give birth until a whole month later. I had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions this pregnancy. I had them the entire month leading up to his birth, which threw me off because I didn't really have any when I was pregnant with Wesley. I did a lot of walking around, exercising, and stretching to try to help me go into labor. My husband Tim had a work trip to Poland coming up that was very important that he went on, and it put a lot of stress on me. They ended up having to reschedule the trip for a week later because I was 12 days overdue in the end. Thankfully he was able to stay about a week at home after he was born before he had to leave for his trip. The days leading up to his birth, I had a lot of strong contractions that ended up not leading to anything.  The morning of Friday February 9th I woke up with some bloody show, and had some strong contractions the night before. My mom and I went on a 1.5 mile walk around the neighborhood that day to try to start some contractions, but it didn't turn into anything at all. That night I had a lot of strong contractions, but was able to sleep through them. Saturday morning I woke up around 7:00 because the contractions got really intense and strong. I got out of bed, and sat on my birth ball for a while. Wesley woke up at 8:30, and I woke up Tim then to tell him I was in labor. I called my midwife (Alex) to tell her I was in labor. Tim called his mom and my mom. Suzi got here really fast to pick up Wesley, and brought cinnamon rolls with her! My mom got here around 9:30. My contractions were lasting over a minute coming 2 to 3 minutes apart. I called Alex to tell her to head on over. Tim started to inflate the birth pool, and I sat on my birth ball in the living room. I was feeling very nauseous. Alex got here a little before 10:30. She asked me how I was feeling emotionally, and I said, "I'm ready to do this!." My lower back was hurting during contractions, so Tim applied pressure to help. After a few contractions, I moved to the bed so she could check on baby. The contractions started coming really fast. After she confirmed he was head down and looking good, I got up and leaned over the side of the bed and started to feel my body pushing with contractions. The pressure Tim applied to my back really helped during the strong contractions. I felt pressure, then a gush which was my water breaking. I remember thinking that it was all happening so fast, and it was going to be over soon! The two other midwives arrived as I was pushing. Alex asked if I wanted to catch him. I was planning on catching him since I wanted a water birth. But since I was standing up I was afraid he would fall and I wouldn't be able to catch him. I had my hand there though so I could feel his head coming out. He was born at 10:59 a.m. I didn't tear at all! He was having a little trouble taking his first breath, so Alex gave him an assisted breath which helped, and he let out in his first cry. After I stood at the side of the bed for a little while doing skin to skin, I climbed into bed to try to latch him. He latched very quickly! Within a half an hour of him being born. The midwives did the newborn exam. Tim cut the cord before the exam. He weighed 9 lb 4 oz and was 21 in long. His head was 15.25 which is pretty big and I still didn't tear! The midwives left after a couple hours, and we called friends and family. We took a nap after that. Wesley came home around 7:30 that night to meet his brother! He didn't have a nap that day, so he was pretty tired and cranky, and not really aware of what's going on. He went home with my mom for the night so Tim and I could have the first night alone together. It took a couple days for Wesley to get comfortable around him, but before long, he couldn't get enough of him! He loves giving him kiss.

Overall it was a perfect birth! The labor was fast, and going into it this time, I knew what to expect and how to handle contractions. The support I had from Tim, my mom, and midwives was amazing. I felt comfortable, and safe in my own home. Birth is such an amazing experience, and I have been very blessed to have smooth deliveries. I will always remember Theodore's birth, and the moment's leading up to his arrival into our family.

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